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The Applied Software Engineering (ASE) Research Group is headed by Prof Rachel Harrison. We cover a wide range of activities investigating the theory and practice of formal methods and software engineering as well as the more pragmatic issues of software engineering and multimedia, including World Wide Web issues, especially for learning and collaboration.

Research Overview

The aim of our research is to apply scientific and engineering methodologies and techniques to the systems development process.  This aim is reflected by our interest in the theory and practice of both Formal Methods and Empirical Software Engineering.  The Formal Methods activity of the group incorporates numerous areas of interest, including computational logic, concurrent systems, CSP, hardware compilation, industrial-scale application, logic programming, provably correct systems, real-time systems, safety-critical systems, software/hardware co-design and the Z notation.  Similarly, our more general Empirical Software Engineering activity incorporates areas such as information systems, distributed systems, internet computing, quantitative and qualitative evaluation, process modelling, hypermedia and multimedia systems (including audio, on-line information provision), reverse engineering and re-engineering.

Research Outlook

Future research projects will look at the co-evolution of business systems, information systems and technology. This requires an interdisciplinary approach, such as the approach embodied in our Software Engineering and Information Systems Network. We will apply engineering methodologies to relatively new technologies, such as hypermedia systems and applications. The use of Formal Methods will continue as a main theme of our research, particularly in domains such as safety-critical systems, and evaluation of the resulting systems.


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