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Research Projects

Active Robotics projects led by Dr. Gerard McKee
DESEL (Designing for Ease of Systems Evolution) aims to develop a methodology which will facilitate the process of designing for ease of systems evolution. 2000-2003
The MOOPS (Metrics for Object-Oriented Programming Systems) project is an on-going EPSRC-funded investigation into process and product metrics for the object-oriented paradigm. A number of papers describing this work are available.1996-1998
CAHE (Computer Assisted Hypermedia Engineering) is investigating quantitative and qualitative evaluation of hypermedia production systems and applications.1996-
EFOOP (Evaluation of Functional and Object-Oriented Programming) project was a quantitative evaluation of the functional and object-oriented paradigms. The aim of the project was to investigate whether or not the quality of software produced using a functional language is significantly different from that produced using an object-oriented language. 1992-1997
Open Systems. This project investigated the specification of secure Open Systems in the area of real-time, safety-critical command and control systems.1995-1996
Evolution of Large Software Systems. This project used an electronic retails system as a case study for evolving legacy systems.1994-1997
Effective Project Work in Computer Science (EPCOS), R. Harrison and D Bateman, 1996-99, HEFCE (FDTL). 250,000
Empirical Assessment of Formal Methods (EMPAF) is using case studies to investigate the effects of using formal methods for software development, R. Harrison and M.J. Butler, 1998-2000, EPSRC, 86,713
SEISN (Software Engineering and Information Systems). Software Engineering & Information Systems Network for improved business processes, R. Harrison, 1998-2001, EPSRC, 52,150. The Software Engineering and Information Systems for Improved Business Processes (SEIS) project aims to identify, investigate and facilitate communication and co-operation between the software engineering and information systems communities. 1998-2001
Collections Access Project. Funding body: Museums and Galleries Commission, UK. J Bowen with R Brigden (Museum of English Rural Life) and M Tyson (Typography Department). September 1999 - March 2000: 62,200 pounds (awarded). March 2000 - March 2002: c200,000 pounds (promised).
CSP/FDR visualization. EPSRC, J Bowen, Mark Green (with Ali Abdallah) CSP/FDR visualization
Distributed Database Systems (Z39.50 Information Retrieval). Dubai government, J Bowen, Behjat Al-Yousuf (with John Ogden) 
Teaching Company Scheme to Investigate, define and implement a workstation and transmission equipment for the design and production of Digital Video Broadcast Text and Subtitles. DTI/Softel Limited, July 98, 76,904, R McCrindle and Professor Kevin Warwick
Teaching Company Scheme to Investigate, define and implement a Presentation Manager and associated products for the design and production of Digital Video Broadcast Text and Subtitles, using standards MHEG-5 and Euro MHEG-5. DTI/Softel Limited, July 99, 87,112, R McCrindle Professor Kevin Warwick
Automatic Translation of Traditional Music Scores into Simplified Music Notation. R McCrindle, Creative Arts Research Foundation, 9,000
Safety Critical Systems. Rockwell Collins (UK) Ltd. N Nissanke,   12,000 in 1994, 26,000 in 1996 and 30,000 in 1997, for research into safety critical systems.
ROPA. N Nissanke,  Grant 42,204 (EPSRC), research into 'a safety executive for soft industrial processes' Feb 1998 to Aug 1999, RA I. M. Smarandache
Agent Based Virtual Design Environment, BT; 1 Oct 1995 through 30th September 1998 Value: 36,940, Investigator: Dr G T McKee,  Student: Richard Hasinski
Malicious Agents, BT; 1 Oct 1996 through 30th September 1999 Value: 49,520
Investigator: Dr G T McKee, Student: Adam Greenaway


Industry - UK

InterGlossa, NatWest

Industry - International

Philips, GEC Marconi, BAEDSL, Praxis, IBM, ICL, X/Open, ProCoS Working Group, ICOM (International Council of Museums)

Universities - UK

Southampton, Imperial, UMIST, Loughborough, Kent, LSE, Ulster and De Montfort. Within the university of Reading the departments of Food Science and Biotechnology, Psychology are involved in common projects.

Universities - International

UNU/IIST (United Nations University, International Institute for Software Technology)
ISIT (Institute of Systems & Information Technologies), Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan
The University of the Basque Country, Spain

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