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The aim of the Software Engineering and Information Systems Network (SEISN) is to enhance communication and collaboration between the software engineering and information systems disciplines.  The network brings together members of the software engineering and information systems communities in both the academic community and industry to discover the links between the disciplines in academia and outside, debate conflicts and misunderstandings, propose best practice and disseminate this best practice to academia and industry.

The integration of knowledge from the two communities should result in useful and usable systems.  Often naturally occurring boundaries between disciplines prevent effective communication, co-operation and collaboration between the two communities, but each discipline provides a valuable contribution to system design as it approaches problems from perspectives intrinsic to that discipline.  For the majority of software engineers, the emphasis during design is on the technology and without software engineers, there may be a tendency to produce information systems that are inefficient, or lacking the required functionality.  For information systems practitioners, the emphasis during design is on organisational aspects.  Without information systems practitioners, the human, social and organisational aspects may be overlooked.

Collaboration is vital between software engineers and information systems practitioners.  Not only because organisations are continually evolving and adapting to changing working structures, pressure from competitors, changing business environments and the fast pace of change of technology.  But as software engineers design new methods and tools to improve software capabilities, they must also ensure the new technology supports organisational requirements.  Because these activities do not always occur in conjunction with one another there is a problem of dysfunctional evolution between software engineers and information systems practitioners.

As a small step towards enabling collaboration and communication we welcome contributions not only from software engineers and information systems practitioners, but also social scientists, psychologists, members of the HCI community either in academia or industry to be placed on this web.  Contributions may describe, but are not limited to, current problems or research related to effective system design and development.

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